What have you got in your group team packs?

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Not sure what else to call them together - the TOTT packs, TOTW packs, from the squad builder challenges.

Not counting the SBC's (ie, Kurzawa, or Villa).

I've got:

87 Salah from the Afcon TOTT
88 Icardi from a TOTW
81 Hunt from a TOTW* (tradeable)
86 Subasic from a TOTW
88 Carrasco from a TOTW
87 Howedes from a TOTKS*

*used the Hunt in the SBC that got me 87 Howedes! I knew keeping Hunt was a good idea :)

Funny enough in the last pack of the 88 Carrasco one (Jumbo gold - 24 cards, 7 rare), I also packed 88 Carrasco! LOL got him two consecutive packs. Only going for about 80k now though, which is a bit disappointing but still profit.

Pretty good pulls I think.

Looking forward to the TOTS SBC's - will spend my coins (about $350k) on the SBC's for those until I am down to zero.

Who have you guys got?
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