2 teams for 600k?

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Throw some ideas at me please. I'll have 600k, maybe 650k, to build two teams of 11. I'm not fussed about formations but something that will allow me to pass the ball around somewhat easily...I don't like to zoom forward at the speed of light.

I have the POTM Son, Carragher and SBC Barry in my club also. One league, one nation or hybrids are all welcomed.



  • Jimmyb83
    1163 posts Professional
    Save your money for 2 weeks and get what 1million would get you now for 650k.
  • Ulook92
    23333 posts Club Captain
    I wouldn't bother. Like above said wait til TOTS. But also put all you Coins in 1 team. And make a cheap fitness team.
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