Players you have never packed

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Now Im not talking about packing Messi, Ronaldo and those kind of high rated players but those next tier players that are say 84-90 rated.

Every time I see a TOTW featuring Dybala, I know Im never going to pack him, I dunno what it is but since he burst onto the scene, I've packed any version of him. Yet I would dearly love to have a first owner of him.

Im sure there are other players in that range I've never packed but he is probably the one that I covert the most and would fit my Serie A first owner team nicely

So, which players have you never packed despite multiple pack openings?


  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    Zlatan, Aguero, pogba, any tots, boatang, neuer, bale, Suarez to name a few ..never packed any of these players
  • Izzy2K17
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    I haven't packed anyone 86+ rated except Benzema, Miranda, Barzagli, and Buffon from countless packs opened
  • HysxteriA
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    That's such a broad question! Aha not many people get lucky on here
  • HysxteriA
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    92/93 higuain though! Same boat as you with Dybala. I'll keep wishing aha.
  • wizardoffire
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    HysxteriA wrote: »
    That's such a broad question! Aha not many people get lucky on here

    it just seems that I always pack the same players and some just never show up.

    As for luck, so true, havent had a walkout in 2 months, did two untradeable TOTKS, back to back walkouts, both times Schmeichel

  • tommyh10
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    Every walkout
  • collie_96
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    Well I always get elite 3.. only walkout was if handanovic... I wasn't complaining.. but could of done a lot better... saying that,when Gabriel Jesus came out I put all my spare players into the gold upgrade in the hopes of packing him, worked like a charm :D
  • FC Maexle
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    aubameyang and dybala
  • Djkhalid1921
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    never packed david luiz oddly enough :lol:
  • Rossco160715
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    Anyone worth decent coins basically.
  • Darfi02
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    Pogba, Zlatan, Dybala, Hazard in all fifas since fifa 12 not sure of the rest. I have packed Neymar twice this year one tradeable the other untradeable though and I've had both Aguero and Robben from packs in the past but some players do seem really elusive.
  • ronaldogoal
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    An inform
    I haven't packed one since FIFA 16 fut birthday pack when I got Totw Smalling
  • Thamightyboro
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    Anybody over 85.
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