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Does anyone else have an absolutely bizarre draw record? I know obviously fut champs is a reason however I think I have only done 5/6 weekends. I've played 1400 games this year and I have 50 draws. That just can't be right surely? Taking out say at most 200 for WL (didn't have time to finish most) that's a draw every 24 matches. That's surely weird.


  • Pxul_
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    I have about 60 draws in 2000 games its a bit weird
  • Alp_2760
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    Ye, my draws are significantly lower than wins or losses. I've thought this before.
  • DeVettigeSwa
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    I also only have 24 draws in just under 600 games, all because I barely play seasons anymore. Most of my games are from the DKO and FUT Champions, in which it is impossible to draw
  • Bilbao_Baggins
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    Well i have not played that much only had the game since end of january. Done 400 odd ames with 50 odd draws. Nearly all in seasons tho.
  • Nathlee123
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    It's so weird. I can't remember this being the case in previous titles? Literally everytime the game is approaching 90 minutes and it's a draw someone scores ha.
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