OT: Dybala and Messi

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Let's say dybala transfers to Barca, could the two ever play and succeed together. Personally I could see Lionel Messi dropping deeper into more of an attacking mid role, and dybala playing more of a striker role. Thoughts?


  • DaveSaves
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    Well Messi hasn't really played at striker since Suarez got there. So it would be him to drop out if anything.

    Or maybe they'll sell Neymar for 19384832883m to Man Utd and they'll play Suarez and Dybala with Messi behind.
  • Overevil
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    0.000001% chance
    Anyway dybala can play cam st cf or rw , so it would depend from the future barca coach
  • Shaanxz
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    Dybala wants to play with Messi, doesn't happen with Argentina often so who knows
  • Paawky
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    He should just come to City and play with Aguero :wink:
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