Co-op season vs AI, interesting or not?


I was wondering if anyone else has any interests in a co-op season vs the AI.

A few friends and I were looking for something more casual than the classic PvP, 2vs2, ...
We were looking if any of the sportsgames had a gametype where we could all be in the same team and play a regular season against the AI.
Not only on NHL but also on FIFA or NFL.
It would be a good way to have fun together, learn the game (sport) or even to see if we like other sportsgames.

I think it is a nice addition to the more casual gamers (like me) who kinda had it with competing against others and just wonna play together with friends.

Let me know what you think.


Smoker J


  • A little late, but I completely agree! My friend and I just want to relax and play online with each other against the AI. Playing against real people can be fun, but it also can be frustrating. This seems like such a simple thing to implement, please do it EA!!
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