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So I've been awarded 1 foul in my last 6 matches...

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...and slide tackles like this are burying my players every match without ever being called a foul. It's so frustrating, especially when it's been compounded by bad gameplay.

I've got nothing else. I know it has all been discussed before. I just needed to vent. Thanks.



  • Thamightyboro
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    Yep these or the off the ball fouls plagued by it this weekend.
  • Aspral
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    It's like playing WWE at times.

    Fouling is a legit tactic this FIFA. The ref will let your opponent off with several warnings before a yellow. Even cynically hacking you down from behind on the counter isn't yellow card worthy.
  • AlwaysDisappointed
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    This game is bunz
  • Hody
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    Conceded 2 goals from opponent fouling my CB in front of Goal, pathetic
  • Xtc
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    It's so bad. I'm no gaming expert but it's often hard to associate what you see on screen with the actual outcome. This holds true for many parts of the game including fouls.
  • Vrokin FC
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    This is the gaming simulation we've all been waiting for! jk this game blows..worst Fifa gameplay of all time, welcome to Fifa 17
  • Roy Keane actually stabbed my player and got away with it, ref deemed it to be accidental it's beyond a joke now
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