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Easter Program (Martial Plan)

61 posts Park Captain
Been working out several ways of what is best, but with having no Easter daily event today I've come to the conclusion EA have made this Program token impossible without buying for real.
I was always hoping that EA would never use the Martial plan to force players to buy, but yet again they have disappointed me. 15 baskets is impossible without buying. The Master players should reward hard work, not how much you can give EA.
Hats off to EA though, you get us reeled in with a couple of easy tokens and then hit us hard as always to make us spend. Clever.


  • Skaldinho
    41 posts Last Pick at the Park
    its not even easter monday yet, lets wait and see what events we will get. Still more then a week left. I am also going for that master token, only baskets left. Have faith :-)
  • Konterman
    369 posts Sunday League Hero
    Yes I earn my first basket, after 4 days and only why EA change the rules! But if you think now that we becomes enough basket to reach the plan in 1 remaining week then you are in a people if you want complete the plans please buy with cash to EA!
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