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Which trio?

1666 posts Play-Off Hero
Dybala - TIF Mertens
SIF Gomez


SIF Perisic - TIF Mertens
IF Brozovic


  • HysxteriA
    3479 posts National Call-Up
    Perisic will have the strength that Dybala lacks he'll be a good pairing with Mertens. I'd still use Gomez at CAM though. Brozovic is amazing at longshots pretty good strength but everything else pace agility ability at beating players etc Gomez has him.
  • Realist
    3050 posts National Call-Up
    2nd one
  • LVG1703
    756 posts Semi-Pro
    2nd one with Gomez at CAM
  • TheRealChev
    327 posts Sunday League Hero
    TBH the first one mainly because pace is way more important right now. all three of those players can out pace the defenders.
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