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Welcome to the official Silver Community TOTS thread. I am happy to announce that this is where the community can put forward suggestions on who you believe should be included in the Fut 17 Silver Most Consistent But never If.
Please check the rules below before making suggestions and try and be civil in discussion.

- 23 Players each (Gold team requires 24)
- Good spread of Leagues (no specific requirements per league)
- Most consistent but not in-form
- Don’t need to avoid any players, but if players do get an IF in between now and the team release we’ll need a replacement
- Deadline: 24th April

Players with these item types can still be selected for this TOTS:
- Movember, SBC, Ultimate Scream, St. Pats, Ones to Watch (but no TOTW)

Players with these item types cannot be selected for this TOTS:
- TOTW, MOTM (any type), TOTT, Hero, Award Winner

Any stats and ratings displayed in this thread are NOT final. We are just here to select a list of players and EA will sort out the ratings/stats once the final team is selected.

When suggesting a player, please include as much information as possible including goals/assists/clean sheets and any other information which could come of use.

For example:
Dean Hammond, Sheffield Utd. CDM, 14 goals and 17 assists in a title winning campaign, has been a integral part of the team, shortlisted for POTY.

There is no need to quote yourself several times as I will read all suggestions.
All discussion is more than welcome, but try to be civil and keep any heated debates to a minimum.
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    Hansen, Conti, Gordinho, Vasin, Toruc, Meite, Savanier, Schnatterer, Oztumer, Wood, Caputo.

    Vukovic, Salomonsson, Stevens, Acosta, Fleck, Hayes, Rowe, Tomasik, Ascacibar, Nakamura, Carey, Joselu.

    Final Draft. TBA

    *Ratings/Stats are NOT final. These will be determined by EA once the final team has been submitted
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    Johan Wiland (Malmö FF) GK - 13 Clean sheets, 25 goals conceded in 28 games
    Kevin Stuhr Ellegard (Elfsborg) GK - 7 Clean sheets, 38 goals conceded in 30 games
    Brad Jones, Gk, Feyernoord, 15 CS (Most in the league)
    Shusaku Nishikawa, Urawa, 34 games 28GC , Voted best kleague keeper. 16 CS last season, 2 CS in 7 games this season.
    Glykos, Paok, 25g 17cs
    Raul Fernandez, 28 games 20GC
    Vukovic, 24g 14CS
    Samir Ujkani, 32g 13CS 22GC


    Tommy Smith - RB - Huddersfield - 4 goals and 9 assistsSalomonn
    Mark Beevers, Cb, Bolton, 8 goals and CS, best defense in the league. Named in League 1 Toty
    Kevin Malcuit. St Etienne. Rated 6th best defender in Lihue 1
    Per Karlsson (AIK) CB - 14 Clean sheets
    Nils-Eric Johansson (AIK) CB - 14 Clean sheets and 3 assists
    Linus Wahlqvist (IFK Norrköping) RB - 2 goals and 2 assists, 8 Clean sheets
    Emil Salomonsson (IFK Göteborg) RB - 7 goals and 7 assists, 5 Clean sheets
    Viktor Vasin, 22g 13CS 15GC
    Ugur Demirok, Cb, 22 games 4g 1a, 10 CS 21GC
    Enda Stevens, Lb, Portsmouth 1g 6a
    Peter Ankersen, Rb, fc Copenhagen, 2 goals 8 assists 15 clean sheets
    Emil Salomonsson, Rb,
    Jan Arie Van Der Heijden, Cb, 2 goals 4 assists 13 Clean sheets
    Andrea Conti, Rwb, 5g 4a 12 CS 29GC
    Emerson, Lwb, 0g 1a 12CS 26 GC
    Alexandr Sukhov, Rwb, 18g 12cs 11gc
    Alex Wilkinson, Cb, ?g 14CS
    Michael Zullo, Lb, 25 games, 14CS, 3 assists
    Charles. Awaiting stats
    Lorenzo Gordinho, CB 21g 10CS 4G 16GC
    Theo Hernández, Lb, 25g 9CS 3a
    Piotr Tomasik, 26g 9a
    Osama Hawsawi, Cb, 22 games, 13 GC 12CS


    Graham Carey- Cam- Plymouth- 13 goals and 14 assists
    Conor Hourihane - Aston Villa - CM - 7 goals 13 assists.
    John Fleck, Cm, Sheff Utd, 40GP 4 goals 15 assists. Named in top 3 players in L1
    Paul Coutts, Sheff Utd, Cm, 39GP 2g 6a. Huge improvement this season
    Erhun Oztumer. Walsall, Cam, 14g 5a. Named in League 1 Toty
    Stefan Johansen, Fulham, Cdm, 8 goals 7 assists
    Gareth McCleary, Reading, Rm, 9 goals 7 assists
    Tom Ince, Derby, Rm, 13 goals 5 assists
    Valon Berisha, RB Salzburg, Lm, 27 games 6 goals 9 assists
    Stefan Ishizaki (AIK) CAM - 4 goals and 9 assists
    Tommy Thelin (Jönköping Södra) LM - 7 goals and 6 assists
    Simon Lundevall (Elfsborg) LM - 4 goals and 12 assists
    Anders Christiansen (Malmö FF) CDM - 6 goals and 2 assists, 10 Clean sheets
    Kellyn Acosta, Cdm, FC Dallas, 30 games 6 goals 6 assists 11 Clean sheets
    Cristian Inuaurralde, Lw, O'Higgins, 21 games 14 goals and numerous assists
    Jonny Hayes, Lw, Aberdeen, 25 games 7 goals 16 assists
    Fredrik Midtsjo. Cm, Rosenberg,
    Musa Cagiran, Cdm, 24 games 6g 1a 6CS 28GC
    Emre Akbaba, Cam, 26 games 6g 6a
    Denis Turuc, Rm, 26 games 8g 9a
    Mahmut Tekdemir, Cam, 21 games 2g 4a 10CS 17 GC
    Peter Whittingham, Cm, 7g and 7a
    Jacob Murphy, Lm, 9g 6a
    Sone Aluko, Rw, 8g 7a
    Marcus Maddison, Rm. 8g 15a
    Santiago Ascacibar, Cdm, Not great scoring stats but a Kant like midfielder
    Denis Bouanga, Rm, 30 games 12g 6a
    Luka Milivojevic, 24 games 7g 1a 14CS 13GC
    Kengo Nakamura, 31 games 9g 10a, Voted league MVP and in league toty
    Seba, 3g 10a
    Roman Zobnin, Cdm, 22 games 2g 3a
    Erik Bicfalvi, Cam, 19 games 4g 2a
    Josh Brilliante, Cdm, ?g 1g 4a 14CS
    Moreno Costanzo, 24 games 6g 5a for relegation threatened team
    Erdem Sen
    Diego Demme, Cdm, 0g 3a
    Jair, Lw, 24 games 10g 6a
    Lee Jae Sung, Cm, 28gp 3g 8a
    Kim Bo Kyung, 33gp 5g 7a
    Kwon Soon Hyung, Cdm 41gp 6g 9a 16CS
    Stuart Armstrong Lm 26g 13g 7a
    Soualiho Meite, Cdm, Won Belgian Cup 2g 1a Highest rating
    Bouanga, rm, 30g 12G 6a
    Viktor Claesson, Cdm, 33g 8g 11a
    Tara Romanchuk, Cdm, 5G 5a. Incredibly important
    Tommy Rowe - LM - Doncaster, 13 goals 14 assists and has been a key player as Doncaster head towards winning league 2
    Schnatterer, 28 games 10 goals, 12 assists.
    Jair, 11g and transformed the team.


    Tammy Abraham. Bristol City, Striker, 21g and 3a
    Chris Wood, Leeds, Striker, 25 goals 3 assists
    Francesco Caputo, 35 games 17 goals and 8 assists. Most Goal contributions in the league.
    Jo Inge Berget (Malmö FF) CF - 6 goals and 6 assists
    Sebastian Andersson (IFK Norrköping) ST - 14 goals and 5 assists
    Deniz Toruc, 15 games, 17 goal contributions and NT call up.
    Riad Bajic 25 games 13 goals 2a
    Raul Ruidiaz 28g 16G 1a
    Magaye Gueye, 27 games 9g 5a
    Deni Alar, 15g 1a
    Marcelo Toscano, 37gp 10g 9a
    Johnathan, 19gp 12g 2a
    Marco Schneuwly, 26gp 12g 4a
    Federico Dionisi, 15g 4a
    Liam Boyce ST - 15 goals and 5 assists in 29 game
    Ricky Van Wolfswinkel. 30 games 18 goals 4 assists
    Simon Cox. 42 games 16 goals 8 assists.
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    plz no oztumer!!!
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    Anders Christiansen
  • Lard_Lad
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    Coutts and Fleck
  • CornishLad
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    Graham Carey For Plymouth Argyle is a must imo.
    13 Goals (8th in the league) and 14 assists (2nd in the league)
    He (imo) has single handidly got Plymouth promotion this season.
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    @Paul why has Bagnall created the thread I haven't finished mine yet?

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    Dean Hammond :D
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    Finally it has started
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    Baggers to double his post count just with this thread
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    Raul Ruidiaz

    I'll post stats & articles later tonight
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    Hicksy2011 wrote: »
    Dean Hammond :D

    Consistently ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is still Consistent right?
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    Emil Salomonsson boys, you won't find a better RB
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    Fleck coutts basham
  • strings79
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    Tommy smith right back Huddersfield town 4 goals 9 assists massive part of a brilliant season for us
  • Vert
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    1st page!!!1!!
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  • Pughy30
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    Chris wood- for scoring a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ton and still somehow is silver
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    Jamesl2001 wrote: »
    Fleck coutts basham

    This guy knows, maybe add Duffy
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    Lard_Lad wrote: »
    Jamesl2001 wrote: »
    Fleck coutts basham

    This guy knows, maybe add Duffy

    1 per team seems the general rule.
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    Can you clarify whether players from last fifa who had an inform are eligible or not in the rules?

    You know the leagues that cross over between different fifas.
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    Ankersen(FC Copenhagen/Alka Superliga) - Unbeaten in the League(so far) and has 2 goals and 8 assists with 15 Clean sheets
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