Potential Issue For Remaining League SBCs

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Earlier when I was looking the remaining leagues to be used for league SBCs, I found a problem in the reward selection. As the league reward is, so far, the top scorer of the league from last year, what will happen in leagues like the Ekstraklasa and the Danish league where last year's top scorer no longer plays in the league? EA could go several routes with this, ranging from selecting the second top, still using the top scorer regardless, maybe creating a card for them at that previous club (unlikely), or maybe just skipping that league altogether. I'm genuinely curious to see what happens. Any thoughts?


  • Jake
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    Next top scorer
  • AdrianV
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    Look what they did in Ligue 1...
  • Hicksy2011
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    They go to second from last year, it's happened already
    Andre Gray was the top scorer in the championship
  • holdenwait
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    See Mario gomez-Eto'o situation , 2nd top scorer gets it
  • sunderland
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    AdrianV wrote: »
    Look what they did in Ligue 1...

  • TheJoedanimal
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    Jake wrote: »
    Next top scorer

    I would think that's likely, but there aren't previous instances of this happening yet. All the leagues where this would happen are smaller leagues, but could EA be avoiding them as to not do them at all? I don't think we're guaranteed to get one for all the leagues, especially at the current rate they're coming out, so maybe they just won't have one for those leagues.
  • TheJoedanimal
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    Oh. Oops. I guess I missed that then. Right.
  • TheJoedanimal
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    Even then, the top two scorers are gone in the Danish league. And third place is a three way tie. What happens then?
  • phep
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    I'm not convinced the danish league was ever in line for an SBC tbh. Not even sure we'll see another one now. Think we might start seeing something else now all the big leagues are over with.
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