Weekend League Reward (and other gripes)

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EA can suck it. Why give weekend league peeps silver and bronze in-forms anyhow? Its not like they are going to be used! When is the last time anyone used one of these ❤️❤️❤️❤️ player in a game that had anything to do with weekend league? We should not be given useless players as a reward, period. If I qualify, and play weekend league, than I use a boss teams made of gold players, and play at a high level, so why in the hell would a bronze or silver in-form be tempting as a reward? The fact of the matter is, the better players have been getting better, and the casual gamers have been getting screwed for not being able to get into gold or higher, and getting crap rewards. AND, all this time I get matched up with guys that have high rated red cards all over their teams, and get destroyed. The entire structure is ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Weekend league is almost unplayable due to connection issues, and pace ❤️❤️❤️❤️ trolls anyhow. The fact that many people don't bother playing should be no surprise to EA. I get that the rewards are a gift from EA, and I should be happy with whatever I get, BUT I am not. Too much effort needed, just to be ❤️❤️❤️❤️ on. Another cool fact is that in the last 6 days, the game has been down 3 days for me due to various maintenance issues and glitch fixes. WTF.


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    git gud
    if u want gold if's then get gold
    and there are many guys that use bronze and silver players
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    Haha. What's the point of being good if everyone gets the same rewards. To get gold red cards you only need to win 17or18/40 games every week.
    That's less than 50% if the math eludes you.

    Silver IF cards can be great especially in WLQ that have max rating requirements. As they are typically way better than their overall 74 rating.

    Bronze IF are pretty worthless, but if you finish bronze you're winning less than 25% of your games and really don't deserve a reward at all...

    For the record I'm gold 2/3 and didn't start regularly making WL until after Christmas. So, this isn't some elite condescension.

    You got to earn rewards. Win more games. The packs you get for silver and auto qualifying for gold 3 are pretty sick rewards for finishing under .500
  • CaptEcuador16
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    Idk what you're on about I've got my friends Byers crossed I get some silvers that I want because sometime they're even more expensive than golds
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