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I'm a very below avg player who doesn't even try to qualify for WL.

I finally decided to get him, even though it meant downgrading the rest of my team a bit. So glad I did. Head and shoulders above every other player I've ever used, including TOTY Messi and Ronaldo. So much fun to use!


  • Il THE WOLF lI
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    When I used him, TOTY Suarez was much more effective, with his movement strength and finishing all feeling better than Pete's did. But every player is subjective to the users style, so use what works best for you.
  • Agent VZ
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    I'd never swap my Totys for him.. If I was playing to win I'd even take a tots griezman or lacazette or even a nif ronaldo over him in previous years..
  • maXmood
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    i'm waiting on him to hit 3mil so i can pick it up lol
  • AgentOrange
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    Pele is Great But he needs a stacked Team Around him. He is very special but no 1man-army
  • Diego19
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    maXmood wrote: »
    i'm waiting on him to hit 3mil so i can pick it up lol

    Doubt he'll hit 3 mil lol
  • Tsarov
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    Pele is a 'trophy' player. For his price you can get Del Piero, Best, Ronaldo and Petit. Full, incredibly strong team. ADP is a pure class. However, after TOTS, when game will be dead it's pretty good idea to try him out. But as for now - solid team instead of one man show.

    Unless you have unlimited amount of coins.
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