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Sell or keep FB Torres?

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The only thing that is making me want so sell him is the he is nearly 500k. Im thinking of selling him and buying FB Eto'o instead since hes only around 270k

Torres is good but im not sure if he will stay around 500k or if he will keep dropping. Thoughts?


  • Shnekel
    525 posts An Exciting Prospect
    He was over 500k today, was around 515k i think.
    Depends on who you wanna play with tbh.
    Really enjoying him with Villa behind him... but if he's not that good of you and you think you'll enjoy eto'o more then go for it.
  • Alonsop
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    I love Torres in general and he has been good so far in the weekend league 19 games 30 goals. But i mean its 500k and i want to have coins for tots lol.
  • I'm using villa and he's quality
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