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TOTS Brazilian Predictions

377 posts Sunday League Hero
I enjoy my all Brazilian national sides in FUT each year and already have a solid squad to see me through until FIFA 18 arrives.

Interested to hear others people's opinions on who we all think might get TOTS cards this year.

There are a few that are almost guaranteed:

Dani Alves, Casemiro, Marcelo, David Luiz.

A few I think stand a reasonable chance:

Giuliano, Filipe Luis, Diego Alves, Coutinho, Firmino, Dante, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Sandro.

I'm a fan of the more obscure players who get bumped up to 84/85 rated cards as they're more my price range. Any hidden gems incoming?


  • xGrumpyWolfx
    3029 posts National Call-Up
    Would love Bobby and Phil to get a TOTS, can't really see it happening though unfortunately!
  • Rick
    9179 posts League Winner
    Dani Alves guaranteed, Alex Sandro reasonable chance?

    Alex Sandro is guaranteed and Dani Alves shouldn't be near the TOTS.
  • Grousey
    377 posts Sunday League Hero
    Dani Alves seems to get TOTY and TOTS cards just for breathing, that's the basis of my prediction.

    Sandro should get in but he's only had 1 IF card so you never know.

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