gameplay has never been as bad as this weeks

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Anyone here who shares the same impressions? It def isn't my internet and i only play games with green latency, but ig the lag is real. Lost 6 matches this wl only due to the **** servers


  • Yoshi
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    Let me tell you a joke. A thread with this exact title has been made since the second weekend of Fut Champs :joy:
  • hrv97
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    Yoshi wrote: »
    Let me tell you a joke. A thread with this exact title has been made since the second weekend of Fut Champs :joy:

    I know, i have really seen a lot over the years in fut but this is by far the worst i have ever witnessed haha
  • Bobinho23
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    i only get one or two bars max when playing fut online :S
  • Retro_G
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    Bobinho23 wrote: »
    i only get one or two bars max when playing fut online :S

    Do you get input delay?
  • Retro_G
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    It was great on Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Monday was rubbish.
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    It's always bad but you are right, this weekend was by far the worst in recent times.

    I got DC from probably 75% of my games and just stopped. Think i actually completed 3 games in total...
  • roastlamb
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    The past week or so has been horrendous and put me off the game massively
  • Keano
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    Just played a game I was dominating, game lagged, guy tackled me & ran through on net 1-0 (wasnt delay either), I make it 1-1 & 90th min... he near posts it & naing chests it into my own goal, fair to say the gameplay is awful & EA arn't deserving of the money they make off us.
  • Painter753
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    Agreed. This weekend was downright horrendous
  • BenzP7
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    Gotta be my best weekend in terms of gameplay of WL.
  • RedKos
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    You guys still don't get that there's no such general experience like "this is the worst gameplay in ages". It is for you and for other poor souls. I had the worst and most restrictive delay for the past 5 days and I've been writing some of my opponets to ask them about our games or even share recordings and compare them.

    I have evidence that most of those games were not playet in equal conditions since they reply that gameplay was smooth for them. I also found some guys that were complaining about huge delay, sharing my experience. Maybe next week or in two weeks I'm the guy that enjoys decent gameplay against a guy that can't play a simple l2+r2 face up dribbling with his Messi because of delay/loss package.

    So its simple: Fifa gameplay is not the same for everyone. Guys with broken gameplay can face people with ok gameplay or even responsive and fluid gameplay. And thats why you are going to get messages from people saying that this has been posted 1000 times before or that it was good for them this wl. Becaaaause it actually was the worst gameplay ever for some people in the past. Now its your turn and mine.
  • Il THE WOLF lI
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    Yet EA don't give a sh**....theyre just laughing all the way to the bank not caring at all about how bad their game is.
  • Heppers
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    I thought it was pretty solid this WL tbh
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