Toty kroos any good at cdm?

La flama blanca
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Is he any good at cdm?
Will be alongside biscuits in a 4222.
Bit worried about neither having much pace.
Currently using macherano there


  • MD_Breezy13
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    edited May 2015
    Actually thinking of using him in the same spot, looking forward to some of these responses...
  • AznSW
    955 posts Professional
    yes, very solid
  • Mikeydblade
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    edited May 2015
    I think your fine aslong as you pair him along side a decent defensive midfielder, biscuits is perfect!
  • La flama blanca
    412 posts Sunday League Hero
    Cool. Might give him a blast.
    I'm on a losing streak anyway so can't get much worse
  • Paciga45
    3573 posts National Call-Up
    I use him and he is great in that spot but only with a partner. I would not use him as a lone CDM
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