Imposible to play, 2 seconds delay!!!!!

531 posts Sunday League Hero
Have been playing and is awful to play, there are 2 seconds delay in every game and the players feel really heavy.

I have 40mb and OF

Its really impossible, Im not playing till tomorrow..... I hope it get better....

4-0 record ATM


  • ShaunCPFC
    4292 posts National Call-Up
    Don't play then simply aha gotta expect it to be terrible with the way the servers are ATM.
  • aceofknaves73
    975 posts Professional
    I made same mistake, came on and wish i hadnt. Was awful! Im calling it a day now. However ive near on relegated myself from d2 cos of my impaitence to play
  • TheMenezLover
    1781 posts Play-Off Hero
    You made a rant thread...
    With a 4-0 record?! Can't be that bad to play can it then huh?
    Come over to online seasons and see what real lag is about
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