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I think it's hilarious that this game is an e-sport and the game I just played demonstrates why. Opponent has some poverty Ligue 1 team. Koziello outmuscles Tonelli from the first kickout and the tone is set.

Cusp of half time I score, game was fairly even but I felt like if I went ahead I could hold it. Second half I have the ball with my CB Tonelli, and my RB Abate is about 5 yards away to Tonelli's right. Opponent has a player 5 yards to the left. I aim towards Abate to make this simple pass but for some reason Tonelli stumbles into it and knocks it 10 yards left and I concede.

Nothing really happens until extra time when the guy goes ahead through a classic Martial goal where he attempted a through ball, both my CBs ran into each other and the ball bobbled out the back. I go all out attack and manage to snag a goal in the last minute to take it to penalties, which is where the real bulk of the hilarity is to be found.

I go first, low penalty under the keeper's armpit.
He sends me the wrong way.
I chip it wide.
He goes right and my keeper also goes right but pretty much pulls his arms in to avoid contact.
I leather it top right.
He hits the post.
I do another low one but it's too hard and his keeper saves it.
He sends me the wrong way.
I go bottom left and his keeper saves it, but then tries to kind of catch it and it slips out of his hand and spins in off his ankle. This prevents him from winning.
He still has this to win it and goes down the middle, I go right. Somehow it ricochets off my keeper's shin and stays out.
I leather one top left.
He goes low left and my keeper saves it then fumbles it into the net, preventing me from winning.
I do another pearoller under his keeper.
He goes straight down the middle again, and I go right again, and the same shins of steel happens again, and I win.

I wish I could get the video of that shootout up, have it saved but upload speed is ridiculously low. Words do not do justice to what happened, there is absolutely no way I should've won it. The game in general was full of stupid stuff but it more or less balanced itself out until this point. haha xd
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