Offline community gold struggle!

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Anyone else is struggling in it? I'm probably average at best but I feel it used to be easier. Nothing like the demo where I managed to beat it more often than not with lesser players. Or Career mode where I also use to do better.

In FUT however, they don't miss a single chance nor a tackle. It's not so hard to score but I'm struggling with defending. Tips?


  • TheonlywayisS6
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    Legendary is actually a bit easier than World Class imo.

    As soon as you get the ball just keep possession, take your time, and carefully pick your passes to open the defence up. Not the end of the world if you don't win either, the AI is usually rubbish at penalties - just don't move your keeper and it'll invariably put one or two straight at him.
  • Matt
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    Hold l2 on defense. Pass around safely at the top of your opponents box, someone will eventually make a run, through ball, score or hit the post. Repeat
  • Peter
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    Run down the wings and cut into the box near the by line, you'll get a chance on goal, a corner(great chance to score against them) or a penalty as the foul a lot.

    This worked for me for the first 3 rounds (replayed the 1st once and semi twice). Then in the final Ibra scored a screamer and 2 freekicks.
  • Montezuma
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    Use legacy defending and be happy!
  • Joe
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    Cheers guys. Managed to win it finally! Keeping the ball is key really, AI is barely attempting to take the ball back unless it's losing late in the game. If only I had more patience before haha.

    Now on to Silver tourny, any hidden gems I should look to purchase? Not a Silver player myself.
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