I hate my red 93 lewandowski...

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I've tried as much as I can to like him but he's just awful for me unlike otw higgy who I also have untradeable who's a monster. So I was wondering a)whether he would make these new sbcs a lot cheaper
b) which one you would choose out of Torres, el sha or luiz. Using the lewandowski could probs make the el shar one only like 200 k so I'm tempted by that to keep saving coins for tots


  • NindozG
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    use it for luiz, will make it way cheaper :)
  • Jamesl2001
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    Could you give me any pointers as to where to take it from there cos all the solutions on Futbin obviously don't have a 93 rated player in
  • Giuliomix
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    I hate my sbc Lacazette....same thing like you...really strange game this fifa17...
  • deffy8
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    I've got an untradeable SIF aubameyang that I couldn't get on with at first but I've learned to use him and he is scoring most games for me but I would never pay 1.1 mil for him!

    I think EA should give us a catalogue item that allows you to sell one untradeable, Only a one time thing and only unlocked if you've played a certain amount of games/WL's.
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