Anyone tried ETO fut birthay?

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is he worth the 400k+


  • iWilshere_19
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    I wanna know this also, he was 320k last night
  • edgomes20
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    Played against him. Was insane. Its like mane and musa in same player lol
  • leon1309
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    edited April 2017
    Nah, did not play up to his stats for me for some reason, so I sold him on, for small loss (3k after tax), while he is still that high (and hyped). Emenike was a lot better in cca 7 games I used both (hero Podolski aswell)...For me he is kind of Aboubakar style: like his NIF, but his IFs do not play up to their stats respectively. He does feel faster then NIF, but that is it. Not worth 400k or even 200k IMO...
  • Brainbenderpt
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    Played against him and felt like the Etoo from fifa 13/14
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