Ps4 FUT Squad Update

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Anyone else have squad update required pop up? It then says downloading updates but nothing happens. Unable to get into FUT...


  • MJP
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    Aye stuck on it as well, Xbox One though.
  • DrWorm
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    lots of folks check ps4 forum
  • sks476
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    Ps4 is the same
  • Redarmy1986
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    DrWorm wrote: »
    lots of folks check ps4 forum

    Cheers mate
  • Silky_Seward
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    Xbox and pc same
  • IIDinDonII
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    RIP Weekend league qualification. Needed to get a draw in one of my last 2 division games. Oh well
  • Gromit
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    Yup same here ps4
  • Sir Linvoy of Frattonshire
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    Sort your game out EA!!! People are starting to get sick and tired of your bs!!!
  • Whats the problem? Anyone knows?
  • this **** **** only contract monkeys to make this crap, sorry for my vocabulary but the rage is ON i play this on PC, but we need someone that really out performs this **** game, 2k please do something, konami kick the ball since pes 2013, and im tired of cheaters, people that have their players on 99, loosers that has to use the cheat and make the server fall and u loose by DNF a match that i was winning, on fut champions is INSANE and this people win because of the incompetence of ea and fifa developers, there are a lot of forums on reddit that make and anti-cheat that ea havent aproved, and they never ban this cheaters and coinmakers bots and etc

    and now i have some time free and im stuck on squad update COME ON

    we need another football game that really make us happy

    last time i buy this crap
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