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Who thinks a loan market would be a good idea?.

You could put players up for loan and set the amount you are willing to accept and the amount of games or days you are willing to loan him out for.

This would give everyone the chance to try players before they buy them, so if you were unsure whether to spend 1.2 million on 92 Hazard then you could maybe spend 20k to loan him for 5 games or a few days and see if he fits your team.

Players also going on holiday or not being able to play for the weekend could put some of their players up for loan and make some extra coins, wouldnt even have to be a set number of games it could be a set number of days so you have him back in your squad when you need him, could also make it work for untradeables too as there are probably a lot of us who have very good untradeables that dont fit in our squads but someone else would really like to use them.

I think this would benefit everyone and give people a chance to try out cards they maybe cant afford to buy


  • BiigDee
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    They won't go for that as it's an easy way to move coins mate. You could rent Ronaldo for a mil lol
  • Burnie
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    Ha ha True but could have some limit's like the price range
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