Help with a squad needed

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I've recently sold my Serie A team and now have around 1,7kk to spend on a new one. I'm a bit fed up with the 41212(2) formation and would like to try something else (maybe 4321).
I only started playing Weekend League last week and I'm far from being satisfied with my results even though I managed to win the 1st div a couple of times. The gap is just too big for me. So I'm looking for something reliable, prefferably well-rounded (not a 1,5kk player and cheap guys around him).
I will be grateful for any tips, thanks in advance!


  • LennySUFC
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    I've been using the 4411 formation and it's incredible! Really well balanced and using Stoichkov at CF is a beast!
  • Falafelmonster
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    This was my squad for nearly the past two months until I upgraded it.
    Got me elite a bunch of times, and besides Iniesta (which is subbed at HT or 65th minute due to stamina),
    it's really solid on both front and back.
    It's only 1.3kk so you could use the rest to upgrade where you see fit, probably Vieri as he's not everyone's cup of tea.

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