Starting from the bottom (need 50k team suggestions)

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New account, can probably work my way up to 30/40k fairly easily. Can anyone give me any good suggestions for teams that will be able to compete in FUT Champs for max 50k. Either that or two 25k teams, one to use as a fitness.

I have been so used to making super squads, now that I have no coins and a bronze team I am lost :D

I usually play 4-3-2-1 but only because I usually have strong, expensive midfields which boss the middle, having discard price players may mean a change in formation is necessary.

Old account got hacked and EA wrongly thought I was selling coins, when they were stolen, waited weeks for the Terms of Service people to investigate and they haven't got back to me, so just going to bite the bullet and create a new team.

Something like this should be able to get me started I think.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-25_at_19.37.55.pngphoto uploader


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