Disconected from FUT Draft 14 times. lost all the first match.

Hi, i've been disconected from fut draft 14 times after paying the 300 fifa points, i talked to the customer service and gave me only the compensation for one disconection, told me to write here in order to be seen by the developer team to obtain the correct compensation, i've never left one single match in all my games, but still, i've been disconected from the games in all sort of ways, disconected or freezed during game, during pause, during change of players, or during the preparation of the match, they told me they have only 14 disconection or not finished registered, the ones from fut draft but they didnt count the 50 or so in UT online mode, its really rude to have a compensation of one match when i invested 4800 fifa points in FUT Draft and lost them to nothing, apart from that, 50 lost matches have huge consecuences on normal coin income due to the not finished penalisation, plus the loss of seasons etc, i would like an answer from you, hope to hear from u soon. Thnx for everything.

in fifa: EnderW90/ enderw1492 in psn.


  • Patch225
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    This whole system of ea is weird
  • Yeah, it just happened right now again and two days ago again... lets see if they compensate me somehow....
  • everytime i play in FUT DRAFT and press pause to make some changes of players, then undo the pause the game freezes and kicks me out of the draft making me lose automatically all the matches is there someone who can fix this please? today ive lost 3000 fifa points already like that....
  • Hench
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    stop buying points then you ****
  • It just happened right now again... this is really ****.... dunno what happens with the changes of players but the game freezes as soon as i change someone....
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