Red Cards

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Fifa can you please introduce yellow and red cards for goalkeepers? It seems keepers can get away with murder without even being carded, bringing your attacking player down in the box or blatantly charging out there area and bringing you down! stopping a goal scoring opportunity. This obviously is a red card yet all you get is a free kick everytime.


  • Colin32
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  • Orikoru
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    I've seen keepers get a yellow - like twice ever. Never red. I have no idea why.
  • blasé
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    I got a red way back at game release and was excited for the new realism EA had introduced. Since then I must've played 400+ games with no more red cards.

    It was probably patched out.
  • something that needs to be looked at +1.

    not happened to me much but has happened 1 on 1 situation.
  • nitraw
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    yea they patched that as well as the injuries. i loved the beginning of the game when people were forced to actually use their subs. granted the injuries happened waayyy too often. i had to sub off 3 people in 1 game. thats too much. but having that happen once every 5-10 games? yea why not. i always have a gk on my bench so if my gk gets red carded im prepared. as you should be in real football
  • Aspral
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    At the beginning GKs could get sent off. They changed it.

  • ClerryJungle
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    I've definitely had my keeper sent off this year
  • bellstar
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    Not seen it yet in the game! had my player taken out by the keeper 3 times earlier in a game just outside the box, all 3 x just had a freekick, no Yellow or Red for his keeper though
  • Djmsvita
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    Had my keeper sent off at the weekend but that was in single player draft ("co op" mode with my 9 yr old son)
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