PES 17 sale

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PES 17 is on sale on the PS Store for 8 quid im going to pick it up for that price anyone else in


  • pekkaa88
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    Nah.. Takes usually like 3 yeard to dl and install.. And pes has previously been awful tbh..
  • Retro1989
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    No thanks, i like playing with real clubs rather than West Midlands Stripes or London FC.
  • Pieman25
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    I wouldn't even have bought the free version from last year.
  • bjornheisenberg
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    TBF this version offline beats fifa hands down.
    Masterleague is very good.

    But online its got the same issues fifa has.
    Sluggishness etc.And far less player online ...i like my online fix and about 40% of the games are just about playable so i will at least get a fix...eve if my players are still a bit slower to react to everything.
  • Marleigh
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    Off Topic discussion isn't allowed in FUT GD
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