89 Auba

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After blowing all my coins on him I honestly thought he was duff and not as good as the 86 I'd been using. I just wasn't scoring with him despite still winning 7 of those 9 games. Changed him from Sniper to Marksman and probably stopped trying to constantly pick him out and now he is unstoppable.

Only got 29 in 43 but also has 14 assists so his goal contribution per game is 1.02.

Had 2 in 9 at the start so hopefully before long he'll be at a goal a game.

Question for 88 Lukaku users. How good is he? If he gets POTM I honestly think i'll go for him and have already invested a bit as thought he was getting it last month. Would seem crazy to have a potentially 90 rated Lukaku and 89 Auba who is still going for over a mill but wanted to know how obvious Lukaku's agility and balance are?

Current front 3 are IF Martial - SIF Auba - OTW Dembele (Untradeable) but I also have untradeable OTW Mane so would literally just put Lukaku and Mane in and gain a mill coins back on Auba which i'd keep for TOTS.
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