Division 1 FUT seasons

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So I slog it out and finally win division 1 after 49 seasons and you get a lousy 15k and entry to weekend league! What a joke!!


  • Diggy
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    Now now don't be greedy did u not have fun doing so

    Mind you the tone of your post suggests u didn't
  • heefmondo
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    Yeah it was a good season after so many disappointing ones! Ive never checked or googled what the division 1 prize is because i wanted a surprise haha disappointed
  • HAZARD_10
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    Theres one word to sum up divisions

    ..... Boring
  • heefmondo
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    I know but I cba playing drafts and need something to do until WL comes along!
  • RandomLhama83
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    the real prize is in weekend league. that's why they gave you qualification. Just getting Silver 2, (11 wins) can get you rewards up to 100,000 coins and over in futchamps. Prizes aren't always that good, but in champs they are pretty common.
  • AlexSolm
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    I agree, not even a kit this year
  • Muzza11
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    what do you expect mate, pele?

    if you won it more times you would think its worth it
  • C o b r a
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    Should be 20k and jumbo premium gold imo, kit are worthless ppl just leave on sight
  • Kai9623
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    Definitely should up the rewards a bit. 15k for winning the best division in the game is meh
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