King Kane!!!!

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Concerns SBC Harry Kane.

Have to say, when I initially completed the SBC for Kane I was well f'd off. I tried him striker & CAM & I just didn't get along. There were better players for me to use in each position, he's not quite fast enough & not quite nimble enough, plus lacks 4 star skills.


He is the King at CM. Honestly, he's an absolute machine. I've not tried Gullit or Matthaus, but aside from that, I've tried most others. No one even comes close. His strength, passing & dribbling top that of pretty much any other midfielder. He's shooting is of course OP. And he's High / High which is ideal for a box to box player.

I don't care about his tackling stats as due to his height & strength he wins every duel anyway. I had one game against Witsel & Renato where he just steam rollered them.

His marking & interceptions are of course low, but the effect of that is pretty minimal tbh.

Honestly, anyone who's running a prem team, get this guy in. He's better that even Pogba for me who I sold once I saw how OP this guy is.


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