SBC Lacazette worth it?

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Tried out his NIF before picking up TIF Depay earlier and just as he is against me, he's unbelievable.

Those who have his SBC, he worth it? Looks like a deal in comparison to his SIF in terms of potential price.


  • MisterJV
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    462 games with me so far.. yeah he is good. Alot of the teams are price fixed to hell.. With the Lyon vs PSG sbc.. some of those golds are pricey . My boy did it the other day for around 300k
  • SRB83
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    Hell yeah he's worth it. Best investment I ever made for my ligue 1 team
  • Danic123
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    This close to TOTS no chance.
  • Bob_Dylan
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  • CPFC16
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    He's quality man I got him recently, absolutely love him. Big upgrade on his NIF imo. Only cost me about 135k after rewards aswell. Some of the teams are crazy expensive. Wait till after marquee matchups are over cause gold CB's and fullbacks off most teams cost a fortune atm.
  • DaveSaves
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    Danic123 wrote: »
    This close to TOTS no chance.

    It's March?
  • Stordy
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    I did it yesterday the guy is tearing it up in WL, I had the SIF and i feel the SBC plays better. Did it for 200K minus rewards made back like 50K plus the coins for doing it. If i sold everything i reckon it would have cost me 50K.
    Use futbin to help you and stay away from line ups with pos changes like ST back to cam its easy 5K for cards plus the player.
    I could have saved more but didnt want to do loyalty glitch.

    I say go for it if you have a nice coin pot and pair him with 90 Cavani
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    He is amazing but no way I would do that sbc now
  • He's unreal.
  • C o b r a
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    Lol tots gonna cost over 1 mil. for few weeks, get sbc now its cheapand really good, 3 star weak f. sometimes screw u but ronaldo with 4 stars make mistakes too
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