New Mobile Master Player Item and Program

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On Thursday night (or Friday if you're in Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia), we begin our latest Seasonal Program, St. Patrick's Day. We will have all the details before the Program begins but we wanted to tease another Program that's going live at the same time.
We've got an all-new Mobile Master Program, featuring a 99-OVR LM Anthony Martial. This Player Item adds +3 SPD & +3 POS to ALL Players on your squad.

Unlike our current Mobile Master Reus (which will still be available to complete), to unlock the 99-OVR Martial you will need to earn Program Master Tokens, offered during select Seasonal Programs (such as St. Patrick's Day).

When we launch our St. Patrick's Day Program tomorrow night, there will be a Plan that gives you a special St. Patrick's Day Master Token. The Plan to earn Program Master Tokens will live in the Seasonal Tab of the Plans Menu. Be sure to check the Plan to see its specific requirements.
You will need 10 Program Master Tokens (one from each major Program we have in-game moving forward) to unlock the 99-OVR Martial. We plan on having more than 10 Programs in the coming months, so don't worry if you miss out on one, there will be multiple opportunities to get the necessary Tokens.
Again, please check the Seasonal Plan Tab to see the full requirements to earn a Program Master Token

Good luck!


  • Hope the packs doesnt require money to buy but more of grinding like the reus plan
  • Tengo una pregunta, a fin de mes van a dar la ficha correspondiente para griezmann? Porque la que dieron se puede usar en el pero esa ficha corresponde a los 8 jugadores que habrá entre marzo y abril, y no sería justo que nos dejen sin una ficha!!!, por algo se esta llegando a campeon fifa así que les pido sean justos
  • SAI001
    1 posts Ball Boy
    This is a time bomb, just like the Griezmann card, which disrupted the market beyond repair, thanks to the assistance from Modeste and Dybala. Just look at the market. Some positions have become so cheap that most Elites are selling for like a third of their original price. LMs were already among the cheapest positions, thanks to Carniball Pedro, but once the 10th seasonal event is over, their prices will crash. Just like MM Reus decreased the price of LW, MM Martial will decrease the price of LM.
    It's high time that EA takes steps to repair the market crash done by Carniball. That was the worst tragedy that happened to the game. We need more events like TOTY, which will stabilize the market. Please don't go on introducing more cards, I am happy that you guys are ensuring that the F2P players like me get a chance to build a strong team by grinding, but it should be done slowly, not at such a rapid rate as to disrupt the market.
  • Can you let us know what we can do with the Reus tokens (that accumulate in the inventory because most of us have already unlocked Reus)? They just clutter the inventory, as you can't quick sell them... and confetti, masks, and MLS tokens as well... please???? Masks and Reus tokens require some money (masks) or good playing (Reus tokens), so it would be nice to use them towards redeeming something.... I understand that you develop new plans, and it would be nice to see one that takes in account the work done in the past... thanks... an answer would be nice too...
  • in attack mode season 2 I have reached the level of the legendary 1 But I did not get any player why ?
  • I play the game ALL THE TIME and havent seen any program master tokens, which you say you need 10 and I have noticed some teams have martial already?? How has this happened??

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