How do you use yours?

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For people lucky enough to have any version of Zlatan in they team - I have the standard NIF and his goal to game ratio is terrible. Switched up from a 2 strikers to 1 striker formation and still no luck - question is how do you get the best out of the big man?

My IF Giroud seems light years ahead of him which is slightly worrying given the close to 300k diffference.


  • Paawky
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    Lots of shielding , LT/RT , scoop turns and long shots.
  • freddyyow
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    He's a target man for me.

    His goal to game ratio is nothing special for me but he does alot of things I couldn't get other strikers to do.
  • EhLouis
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    I have 101 games played with player of the month ibra with 96 goals and 30 assists in this team:

    I switch to 4-1-2-1-2(2) in game sometimes. What i suggest is to not force him the ball and to not expect him to outrun defenders. Build up the play or cross him the ball and he will score for you.
  • Austintatious
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    Paawky wrote: »
    Lots of shielding , LT/RT , scoop turns and long shots.

    This, he ain't outpacing anyone. Take advantage of his insane dribbling as well.
  • Napoli9
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    zlatan LT is my nightmare
  • TheHo
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    Sniper chem card
  • DWR
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    Cheers lads for the tips. I must admit his strength and close dribble is second to none he just doesn't seem to be in the right areas for me - i.e. Running down the wing with Hazard and he's not in the box.
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