The 'improve your own game' matchmaking thread.

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Just a thread for those wanting to find similarly skilled opponents in order to improve their own game.

Unfortunately divisions isn't really the best way to improve your game.....and it's generally dead during the week (I played a guy in div 3 yesterday whilst on an unbeaten run in over 50 games)....So just post your division/level and the type of opponent you want to play. Of course we have Gfinity cups....but these are only available at specific times, meaning many may not be able to play them.

If people are interested and use this thread, we could probably add little round robin tournaments/leagues depending on the success. (Perhaps even with rewards...but i'm pretty sure that isn't allowed).

This thread is open to any level of player, but obviously, a division 1 player is unlikely to play someone from division 7 if they're looking to improve their own game, try playing similar divisional players or those from 1 or 2 above.

Key point - please refrain from commenting in this thread if you're just going to de-rail it. If you disagree with it or are not interested then let the thread die...and if any of it is against the forum rules then please remove it. No off topic comments please.

Just want to initially tag some of the 'higher ranked' players on here. (Will remove this after you've seen it).

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