Does anyone here actually play football?

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And if so, do you think it helps you playing Fifa?

I play CB at amateur league level and would generally be decent defensively in Fifa, keeping quite a few clean sheets.

Obviously it doesn't make huge difference as I'd hazard a guess and say a lot of the elite players have never kicked a football but I think it helps me slightly, mostly with defensive positioning and organisation...


  • lucas
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    i play RB since a few years, before that i used to be on the wings. used to be a lazy player and footballer never doing anything at train and making use of the 'talent' i had. TBF i now wish that i just trained a bit more and looked more into my eating schedule could have been in the first team of my local club(avarage tier), now i am so called 'bierteam' (lowest tier) playing back and sometimes on the 6 position. at the moment i am trying to gain some fitness and have changed the way of thinking about trainings and that kind of stuff since i can't rely on my talent anymore and have to work hard for anything.

    for some reason i am **** at defending even while i know what to do and how i need to position myself, for some reason i just can't do it. find myself pretty decent in attack.
  • Colin32
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    Nope I don't play football anymore since I was 12 years. I'm 25 now, follow and support a lot of football but don't play it by myself anymore.
    I'm a div1 player so don't really think you need to play football to be good at fifa. Ofc you need to like the sport, otherwise you probably won't play fifa..
  • Nobber93
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    Use to play upfront loved bagging goals. In my head I shoot on this FIFA how I would in real life but then it hit me that there is no point. No one has a tactical understanding otherwise musa vardy etc wouldn't be any good.
  • Choepiechakie
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    Quit 2 years ago. Played one season on the sunday, and I hated it. Every sunday 10.30 on the pitch.. I couldnt bring myself to it. Played CAM/CDM.

    Yeah I think everyone who plays/played football benefit from it. vision wise, tactics, knowledge.
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
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    I play 5 a side power league! :#
  • xGrumpyWolfx
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    Yeah, the skills can be transferred over too!
    I'm **** at football AND fifa.
  • pekkaa88
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    played abbroad till I was 15.. Then quit.. Now just for fun in parks and beach..
  • Adrian095
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    Used to play. LM/RM. Faded after I left High school though :(
  • chosenone
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    I play regularly but like fifa get injured every game :disappointed:

    I've stuck to 5 a side and 7 a side now as the pitches are much better to play on than the bumpy muddy swampy pitches in a lot of 11 a side leagues

    I'm a winger and it doesn't really help my fifa but helps my 5 a side football in terms of movement. There's no ball leaving or bouncing into each other and piling on top of each other in our games though.
  • Yetko
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    İ ısed to play as a cm now im 40 still playing with friends twice a week
    Fifa 17 has nothing to do with real football
  • bjornheisenberg
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    I think some will have a clue if they played but not all.
    Ive managed and some players never got it.Brain dead

    This game is more about reactions and quick thinking.
    The reactions is not always on your control as your internet service provider plays the largest part in that.
  • Futking33
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    I start playing on my 5th and still playing now as a 34 year old.
  • Jaedric_Kaine
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    I played GK in High School and College but that was 20 years ago. I've just recently started playing 7 a side indoor as a CB and we won our league's championship two weeks ago. New season starts Saturday, title defense time B) I'll be 39 in May if that means anything to anyone.

    It doesn't really help with my FIFA play FIFA is an arcadey, practically infinite stamina, sweatfest where you have no idea what versions of your players are going to turn up to the pitch from one match to the next.
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