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FIFA 18 - Ideas to Improve the game

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I have seen a couple of these threads about, but they all just basically bash FIFA17... this was just a few ideas I had for different game modes in the next version...

I like this game-mode but I do think that fewer people play it because the rewards aren't fantastic, even when you win it. So a couple of ideas I have would be.

Stick or Twist - so when you win the draft - you can either take a your prizes OR you can gamble, by playing Draft again (free entry) but if you lose in round one, you go back to basic prizes - if you win that game, then the prizes get significantly better - ending up with a guaranteed TOTW player for 8 wins on the spin.

Power Ups - might seem a bit odd, but as well as your player cards. It'd be good to see some sort of 'addition' to draft that you can't get elsewhere. My thought is that the first thing you do is open a 'power up' card. And that'd be random from a handful. Things like 'change league', 'perfect chem', 'change position' etc... cards that aren't ever on the market, but would just enhance Draft.

Champions Draft - have the format the same as the champions league. Where you need to win your group to get your prizes. Same logic - but it just means if you lose your first game with TOTY Ronaldo, Suarez and Messi up top, at least you get to have more games with them and possibly get 3 wins out of 4.

Better Rewards - generally, just make the rewards better if nothing else.

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Love this - it is amazing. But they need better servers for sure to handle the volume of traffic hitting the site. On top of that I'd just love to see them have some more variety for the weekends - like a Bronze Weekend, or single nation weekend (this weekend could have been Ireland for instance). Spice it up a bit so we're not playing Rose-Smalling-Bailly-Walker combos ever single game.

Gameplay will continually be tweaked so it's pointless to chat about that. Mostly, I'd just like some new features so that when you're not in the WL for whatever reason, you can still have some fun with it!


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