Best teams you have played against

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Just played this team and needed 1 win for 18th and my last game grrr


  • Shake88
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    Oh yh lost 3-1 ]
  • Deserve the loss just for your team name

    That team is unreal though
  • ShaunCPFC
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    You know your lucks out when you needa win and see that :joy:
  • Thomas
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    edited March 2017
    Played in wl qualifer about 1 month ago, against a full team of toty and legends.
    5atb, all had gold attribute cards along with park the bus, spamming slide tackles and pace abuse down the wings.

    Was a draw, and then the dude quit as i was about to score the winner, and got a few rude messages after :D

    Amazing team, but the guy was horrible. I'm quite bad, so when i say they're bad, they truly are :D:D
  • SuperJames9005
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    they are not good just expensive
  • xCraigB
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    Came up against this to end my 9 game win streak on Champs. Serious team that like!
  • WFCBagnall
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  • AlexM1218
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    TOTY Ron.....Stoichkov.....TOTY Messi
    Matthaus......Pele.....TOTY Modric
    ......................TOTY Neuer............

    IN DIV4
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