Best chem style for SiF N'Zonzi and MOTM Casemiro

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Playing on 4-3-2-1....


  • xKilla Souvlaki
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  • SeanDCFC
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  • Izzy2K17
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    Catalyst, their defending is already high
  • RayG
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    I use SIF N'Zonzi with hunter, feels like the best option for a CM spot
  • xKilla Souvlaki
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    Izzy2K17 wrote: »
    Catalyst, their defending is already high

    That too
  • Dawud
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    engine, you need that balance up
  • RayG
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    My two cents about N'Zonzi :
    - already has 95 short passing and 88 long passing, doesn't need much improvement there ;
    - has 35 balance, the difference in game between 35 and 45 balance is almost inexistent
  • Stobe
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    Shadow for pace and max out defending. He's already amazing at everything else a cdm should be able to do. Got the red one over 100 games never looked back
  • CuteIsWhatIAim4
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    Will never get why people put pace on players that a) aren't affected by it because of their animations b) don't need pace for their playstyle.

    Guardian is the only thing that makes sense as CDM and Maestro / Artist on CM. Only pace chemistry that is useful for him is Engine but not because of pace but because of the +10 Balance that he desperately needs.
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