Best Return from player for coins spent?

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Would like to know your;

cheap 200-2000 coins
mid range 2k-30k coins
high 30k-100k coins
Expensive - 100k + coins

Mine are -

Cheap - Jhon Cordoba
Will be playing with him a lot for the next week due to new rotation and WL qualifying. Picked him up unused for 400 coins, I have never packed him. He has only played 12 x WL qualifying games but has 10 goals and 6 assists.

Mid Range - Moussa Dembele, & POTM Alli
My favourite EPL midfielders this Fifa 17. I cant pick a favourite.
I regret not doing Dembeles SBC, but I don't think I was able to at the time anyway.
Ive replaced the one I bought for 15k with a packed one. He is absolutely incredible for me every game he plays, even though he needs subbed off with 30-20 left. Kouyate is his cover.
I did POTM Alli for a small profit after packs and sales from cards bought for him.
Really do not understand the hate he gets. Incredible player and will never be out the EPL team.

High - 30k-100k - SBC Laca and IF 83 Tolisso
SBC Laca probably cost me 40k-70k after packs, I am not sure exact amount.
Huge for me in any team I use him in. Has won loads of games for me.
I spent 85k on IF 83 Tolisso and I will upgrade to the MOTM, but his 83 is the best midfielder I have used this Fifa 17.

Expensive - 100k +
At the moment, it is SIF Brozovic but 87 Perisic is probably going to over take him after I have used him.

Look forward to reading about yours :)
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