FUT WEB APP - Still wont load? Any ideas?

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Been like this for more than 24 hours.

I cant use the Fut Web App at all.

Wont even let me log in, just sticks on the loading screen.

Is this possibly flash player or programme related?


  • BigBadAl696
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    Is ok for me just checked so could be more flash player or something on you computer try restarting computer etc or maybe log into console then back out and try web app after 5 mins
  • DaveSaves
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    Ctrl + F5
  • Peter
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    Delete your C drive, should work then
  • YouWantUsFC
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    Ive tried;

    1 - Disconnecting hub from net.
    2 - logging out of all profiles on xb1, clearing persistent storage on blu ray, and clearing alternative mac address - then cold killed the xb1.
    3 - Deleted all browsing history and cookies, then freed up space. Shut laptop down.
    4 - Started laptop, tried to open up fut web app with XB1 still off, and it still just sticks on the loading screen?

    XB1 is fine, but I cant just use that, the kids play other games so I use laptop for fifa stuff a lot.
  • Summer69
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    i had this from yesterday morning, spent ages on live chat with them. they made me clear cookies, flush the dns (?), use registration cleaner and still doesn't work.
    the annoying thing is my web app works on other computers just not the work one which ive been using it on for the last 6 months, its also a laptop like yours

    If you find out how to fix it let me know as its annoying the hell out of me and if I find out i'll let you know
  • Rutta
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    Download the app for your phone maybe.

    It was not working for me till I rebooted the computer for the Web app earlier.
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