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Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

Unlocked boot packs

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In my FIFA 17 player career I've unlocked all the boot packs available but yet nothing new shows up in edit player in the list of boots or on the game? Has anyone else had this problem, also what are the boots in packs 6+7, 8+9 and 10?


  • SACanuckinOz
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    I've had several boots also not show up.
    I've started only buying one at a time, checking to see if I get it, then getting another, etc
  • I have had that exact problem! Hope someone can let me know of any possible fix? Its quite annoying
  • Mr_Smith89
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    Still haven't had an answer for this. I got a call back from a person at EA and he couldn't answer it for me, just directed me to these forums and said something about asking someone. Does Anyone know if the boot packs are the boot bundles that appear at the bottom of the cataloge?
  • Thanks my smith for my gifts. The ronaldo chapter 5 looks sick don’t they
  • Mr_Smith89
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    No wucking forries bud. They are a good looking boot. Quite a few on the game this year!
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