433(3) The noob formation?

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Every opponent i face basicly has 6 ATB and then Lobs the ball up for counters. Anyone else face these nubs? i see the formation as the best way to pace abuse specially if you have Ronaldo, Robben and Legends. Unless you have Big named and expensive players with great shots, long shots are just lucky...


  • iWebbyy
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    No chance because defending on this game from the midfield is nearly worthless, I've never really had an opponent where I've not had the chances to win the game (i.e. I've missed shots etc)
    4-3-3 (4) is OP as are most the attacking formations, defensive formations on this game screw people over
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    4-3-3 (3) is used by everyone mainly because its soo so easy build hybrids
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