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My first ever inform in a 5k pack.

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Yes, I know in my previous thread I said I was done for FIFA 17. I was off it for a month, and have decided to come back fresh with a brand new account. I got bored, ok? :D

Anyway I played a couple FUT drafts, my latest one I lost the first game but was utterly amazed to see this little guy in one of my packs. You'll notice that I also have a rare gold contract in the pack. I'm guessing it's a glitch that EA let slip where a special card in a pack doesn't count as a rare card. Not going to complain!

Seeing as people have been hyping him up as Kante 2.0 I'm going to stick him into a Bundesliga team. Not the worst of comebacks it has to be said. EA have given me a reason to come back and play. :joy:

Any short reviews on him? What can I expect?



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