What's your advice to improve as a player before FIFA 18 (dribbling specifically)?

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My WL season is about to come to a close - can't commit to 30 games per weekend going forward and it usually takes me about that to get to my 18 wins. I don't plan to stop playing completely, so I'd like to get better over the rest of the year while playing casually. Don't care if I win or lose as I do that, expect to get worse before I get better. Been playing FIFA since 12, definitely got better at the game this year thanks to playing semi-competitively each weekend.

I'm not a great dribbler - fail skills too often and I'm not consistently dangerous with change of direction / speed bursts. I typically have always used wide formations (3421 this year, have used 451, 4411, 4231 wide, 352, different 433's in previous years) mainly because they are a natural counter to the narrow formations and allow me to escape pressure out wide. This allows me to get away with less dribbling skill and use passing to move defenders and get opportunities, but I need to improve my dribbling to become more of a threat. I actually struggle most playing against wide formations that can match up with me, don't have an issue against the 4321 and 41212 narrows.

I know the ball roll / LB speed burst and I will be working on that, but are there any other moves / principles that have tended to translate from one version to the next but might not be widely known? What would you work on if you wanted to improve this specific aspect of your game? Thanks for any advice.


  • Wiiggyyyy
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    How do u do ball roll speed burst
  • jdros
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    Wiiggyyyy wrote: »
    How do u do ball roll speed burst

    let go of sprint, ball roll left or right, then LB, then back to sprint while moving the Lstick forward (works best if you go the opposite direction you ball rolled)
  • jdros
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    To word it slightly differently / change the question:

    Am I better off completely avoiding skills - if so, what are the simple dribbling mechanics I should be practicing?
  • jdros
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    2 hour bump.
  • Icosa_Gaming
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    You can't dribble when the game is lagging. Just play nasty and sweaty
  • DarthGrowler
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    Sharp turns with lb. timed perfectly it's great to have
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    dribbling is pointless in this game, get good custom tatic with movement and pass
  • Austintatious
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    I wouldn't worry too much about dribbling; use LT a lot if you aren't already. Adapt to a more passing based game if you're not naturally great at skills etc, that's what I've tended to lean towards.
  • jdros
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    Sharp turns with lb. timed perfectly it's great to have

    That's something I don't use regularly I can try out. Worked in previous versions as well?

    I can pass and move but that's only going to take me so far. The really great guys make their players move differently - I just want to do that more consistently.

  • Falafelmonster
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    Honestly don't think that dribbling will award you with significantly better results.
    That being said, ball roll is insane for me this year. Scoop turn is nice,
    with Neymar/5* skillers - that fast and tight mcgeady spin.

    This year shielding is OP, try to work on shielding the ball in the midfield here and there to keep a hold of the ball. same with LT+RT dribbling. maybe a little shot fakes.

    More than that is just squeezing it honestly.

    Try to work on defending!
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