In your opinion why do you think EA

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Have put this chemistry/morale into the game?

Let me apologise first hand for making a thread which is all to often made, yet ignored by pathetic EA creators in the game, but it remains a very prevalent problem (which has also been targetted by pro players), why have a game which is like a very free flowing game of chess/checker (whatever you will) be determined by a pathetic handicapper?
How does this benefit the game?
You clearly know the game has a handicap to the game, good player who can string an attack together are punished by EA for being what, smart enough to do something basic?

When will you idiots pull your finger out your ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and realise actually going for a competitive scene is the right thing to do, It will promote your game, and allow it to be put in a serious competition, yet here we are several years on and EA are still doing the same old pathetic ❤️❤️❤️❤️, and yes I am mad because I invest as much time and money into this game yet these absolute ❤️❤️❤️❤️ behind the franchise never listen to what the fans want.

If you want to give a handicap/chemistry/morale system to online play then allow it to be monitored, and for there to be a way to escape the massive handicap, It's really amateur the people that are working behind a million dollar franchise don't have any god damn sense, fire some people that are working on the franchise, If you want a very successful game you will aim to going for a competitive game where the best player with the best TACTICS (I know you don't know what that means) wins the game.


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    you forgot to mention that they need to sort out their server :)

    i agree with your post!
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    Spot on, correct and can't argue.

    But the downfall is that there are millions or FUT fan boys out there that think people like you and me who moan and point this out are pointing it out because we can't "create" a good team and win games......

    These fan boys spend thousands in FIFA points every year just look around.
    There is a guy I work with who pumps at least 100-200 a month into FIFA points its lucrative and EA are making a fortune because of it.

    So why would they worry about the online season players getting screwed by the clear in game handicap or the players who want to see an online career mode (which has been in their madden game for 3 years)
    Or those who want to be able to set up online tournaments with their mates.

    They couldn't care because as long as everyone is playing FUT they are raking in the money!
    Even the new story mode pointed you straight to FUT and no other game mode.

    Let's all face it if you want a good football game with a solid who's better wins, and you want a football game with all of the things that aren't FUT we are either going to be waiting a long time or until another sports franchise like 2K come along with enough money to battle EA!

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    Also you can tell it's taking over, this is the FIFA 17 General Discussion Forum page and all I see is FUT this FUT that.... my account has been banned because I have sold a FUT card!
    They have a dedicated general discussion page and yet this gets clogged up with utter useless ❤️❤️❤️❤️ about FUT!!
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    They have it in the game to simulate unbelievable moments like the barca vs PSG match produced. It's a poor implementation but that's why it's there.... Says so the the code's comments:


    Look at FOG and Influence!
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    Is there a handicap in Online Friendlies? When you play straight head to head with those who is your friend?
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