Beating big clubs. Can't score against small!

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This is just ridiculous! I'm playing Milan. I'm beating Juve, Roma and even Real Madrid 3 and 4-0. But when I'm playing Pescara, Bologna etc. they are defending insane! I just can't create any chances!


  • 10th4r
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    Yep, the AI makes that kind of thing quite likely :-( You can have a season where you're entirely unbeaten, except for one or two games against the worst pair of clubs in the league where you lose. Or you can be kicked out of a cup competition by a team that plays in a league two levels below your team.
  • ThomasHK1979
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    Then what do I do? Beating the big clubs is quite easy!
  • SACanuckinOz
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    You have a number of options to make the better teams better.
    1. You can play around with the sliders to improve their shots on target, improve their pass accuracy, etc.
    2. You can program the opposition team tactics yourself. This is a good option. Operations Sports is a group dedicated to realistic team tactics in games, and have 2 sets of programmable tactics to use. You use a second controller at the start of a game to input their tactics, then deselect the controller for the opposition, and play as normal (they have a video there to show you exactly how if this description doesn't make sense)
    3. You can select world class rather than legendary. I know this seems contradictory, but several commentators have mentioned world class seem harder than legendary in FIFA 17, and I have noticed myself that opposing players seem to use their dribbling skills etc better in world class. Still experimenting

    However, bear in mind that some games are heavily scripted, and you have to work very hard to overcome this scripting (I.e game scripted to be a draw, or a loss, but once you manage to score, things change). This seems to affect the minnow teams most. I think it is because you are more likely to pick your weaker players for these games, and EA wants to show how this can backfire.
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