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Squad Building Advice - Get freakin' creative!

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All right guys. I have this fitness team over here:


I change formation to 4411 in game. The plan was to buy Neymar next Friday/Monday (depends on his price) for Costa.

Now, I just came to notice that TOTY Alves costs just about the same and damn this card looks fine.

The plan is to build a squad with Alves on at least 7 chem., the three untradeables and Carvalho and Giuliano as a bonus. Formation doesn't matter as I can change it in game. I usually play either 4411, 433(4) or 4321. Really depends on the players. I can adapt. I'll just figure something out once I settled with a lineup. No idea where I wanna play Alves either... Gotta check him out first.

This is a first draft.


I thought of Allan, Fernandinho or Fabinho (AS Monaco) as the designated LB with a shadow/Anchor chem. style. Some of them have M/H workrates which kinda could work out well.

If you like squad building be my guest to get creative and share your thoughts. Will be much appreciated!



  • Stkyfngz
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    Giulano and Allan should swap positions

    Personally i'd spend most of my money on attackers compared to a LB. Alves is good but you're probably gonna do fine playing bruno peres there on 7 chem
  • MrBertuzzi
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    I'm gonna change the formation and positions in game. No idea what formation I'm going to use in the end. It's just about the chemistry. He'll probably end up at some kind of CM... Might as well just mirror it in the middle and give Alves 10 chem. instead of Semedo...
  • MrBertuzzi
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    Something like this...




    Sanches ist destroying everything in the midfield... don't really see a reason why that shouldn't be the case at LB. Not sure though if it's an upgrade worth 450k...
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