The adventures of an Ultimate Team Noob

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I've recently just started playing Ultimate Team. Haven't spent any real money, around 20 matches with the coin boosts and I've created a team which isn't the best by any stretch of the term but a cheap playable team in my opinion that I've researched. Some constructive criticism on this squad to hopefully improve my overall game/players if necessary would be appreciated. Cheers :smile:
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  • Paawky
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    Pretty good for just starting. Would get kante for Henderson. Maybe martial or save for Sanchez or hazard at LM. And maybe like mahrez Mane or Willian at RM.
  • frozenslash
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    looks like a great starting team mate. bit of advice. try to rotate between two teams, maybe leagues to avoid using fitness cards. if the player is near discard its smart to just discard them and buy a new one with higher contracts and fitness. just remember you won't keep the record
  • Durkydur
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    Cheers for the advice, I'd like to get better players at some point but at this current moment I don't have a lot of coins to spend and will take me a while :persevere:
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